Murray Hill Academy is a proud participant in the “AP FOR ALL” initiative







Joshua Burstein


What is AP For All?

Research shows that students who take AP courses and exams are more likely to graduate college on time; the gains are greatest for low-income students and students of color. 

AP for All is part of NYCDOE’s Equity and Excellence agenda. AP for All aims to ensure that by fall 2021, students at all high schools will have access to at least five AP classes, thereby increasing college and career readiness for all students. To accomplish this goal, AP for All seeks to: expand the number of AP courses within schools that have not historically offered them; increase the equity of AP course enrollment across all schools; and provide necessary supports to schools in order to improve student performance on AP exams.

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What courses are offered at MHA?

AP Computer Science

AP Statistics

AP Language

AP Government and Politics

AP Environmental Science

AP United States History

Other options of AP courses are offered through iLearn NYC’s Edgenuity blended learning platform


Can any student take AP courses?

YES! In fact, all students at MHA take an Advanced Placement interest survey and all students at MHA are encouraged to challenge themselves with Advanced Placement courses to be better prepared for college and career- even if you don’t think you are an “AP Student”, at first.

Information sessions are offered several times a year for any student interested in AP courses.

Watch this video below from the College Board to understand why ALL students should consider taking AP courses.

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From The College Board: AP has the power to transform a student and their future. Yet, each year, more than 300,000 students who are ready for AP don't take advantage of their opportunity. These are students who have what it takes to succeed in the classroom, but lack the confidence or support to get there.

The College Board featured three AP for All teachers for their Power of One video this year!  Watch the video and listen to their stories here.