Regents Prep - Earth Science

Earth Science Regents Prep

January 2014 Exam

Ms. Koestler

 In order to prepare for the Earth Science Regents this January, you will need to be committed to completing practice work on your own. You should use ZERO PERIOD to complete all weekly assignments.

 In order to take the January Regents, you must have completed 1200 minutes of lab work within the last year.

 You have two choices:

 1.      Online Regents prep – Students should go to the MHA Earth Science website.  They should click on the REGENTS link in the side bar.  There are 9 units of notes and material they should read through.  At the end of each unit’s notes, there is a link to a Regents prep site.  They should go to that site and answer the numbered questions I listed under the link.  This site also has the answers to questions, so students can check their work.

 2.      Text book work – The Earth Science Physical Setting book includes depth Regents prep.  Students start at the first chapter and continue until they finish the book.  They should read each chapter and answer the questions within the text on a separate piece of paper.  I have a key, so I can check their work each day.


At least once per week, you are required to check in with Ms. Koestler to conference about your progress.

 *Email Ms. Koestler with any questions ( or stop by room 813 during zero period J