Regents Prep - English

English Regents Prep Program

January 2014 Exam


In order to prepare for the English Regents this January, you will need to be committed to completing practice work on your own. You should use ZERO PERIOD to complete all weekly assignments. 

When you complete a practice test, you can schedule a conference with Ms. Finkelstein or Ms. Shearer for feedback.

 It is YOUR responsibility to follow the schedule below to prepare for the exam and to check in with Ms. Finkelstein and Ms. Shearer to make sure you’re on track!

 **All Regents Prep Materials can be found on Ms. Finkelstein’s MHA website, under the ELA Regents Prep Tab. To find each exam follow the steps below:

·         Step 1: Go to Ms. Finkelstein’s website and click on the ELA Regents Prep tab

·         Step 2: Click the link for Practice Exams and scroll to the date assigned for that week

·         Step 3: Complete parts 2, 3 and 4 (multiple choice 9-25, short response #26 and #27, and the critical lens)


** Remember, ALL the outlines for the writing sections of the Regents are on Ms. Finkelstein’s website as well as all the study guides for the books we’ve read together!

Practice Exam Schedule:

Remember, you have the whole week to complete each practice exam, so spread out the work over the week during zero period.

 Week 1: January 2011 Exam

 Week 2: June 2011 Exam

 Week 3: August 2011 Exam

 Week 4: January 2012 Exam

 Week 5: June 2012 Exam    

 Week 6: August 2012 Exam

 Week 7: January 2013 Exam

Week 8: August 2013 Exam

 *Email Ms. Finkelstein with any questions  ( or stop by room 831 during zero period J