Principal Welcome Letter

Welcome Students and Parents to MURRAY HILL ACADEMY!


It is with great pleasure and pride that we welcome you to our new school. Together we will create a safe and respectful learning community where student goals are met by personalized instruction, creative learning opportunities and a strong support system.


·         You will have a challenging curriculum that will prepare you for college or the path to a career.

·         We will have Quarterly cycles to give you increased academic opportunities for accelerated credit accumulation, and credit recovery through online programs.

·         A Personalized Educational Program will be created for you, focusing on your strengths and needs, with timely academic and personal interventions reflecting your learning progress.

·         A Youth Development component with Advisory will address your personal, emotional, behavioral, and academic growth, as well as targeted guidance and counseling services.

·         You will have Blended instruction with integrated technology, 21st Century and Professional Skills across-the-curriculum.

·         Years 1 and 2 will focus on building your academic capacity, social and emotional growth and credit acquisition. You will learn instructional technology and career exploration, as well as do community service to support the needs of the surrounding community and your goals and aspirations.

·         Junior and Senior years will reflect your progress by increased credit accumulation, academic and emotional maturity and strong metacognitive skills. These years will be enriched by extended learning opportunities and evolving post-secondary plan.

·         Parents will be actively involved in School, Family, and Partnership programs, such as the Parents Association, fundraising programs to support extra-curricula activities, chaperones for school trips, family workshops, School Leadership Team, volunteering at the school for various events, etc.


If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Manninen-Felix at






Anita Manninen-Felix, Principal