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Letter From PTA President


PTA  President’s news

Dear Parents,

Welcome back!  I hope all had a restful and relaxing summer.  I’ts hard to believe that we have started another school year and each year passes more quickly than the last.  The start of the school year  si the start of many new beginnings and new feelings.   I have found that being involved in the PTA keeps me connected to my children’s school and has been a rewarding experience for me . I have been a proud MHA  parent for one year and I am looking forward to continuing for the next school year

My name is Linda G. Gavin and I am honored, as well as excited to serve as your PTA president for the 2011-2012 school year.  Working alongside of me is Ms. Hazel Massey and Ms. Luz Patrick.  We are grateful to all the amazing  and talented parents who are involved with the PTA and contribute their time and talent in many ways, big and small.

All of our students have noticed how beautiful the school look this fall as our staff has worked tirelessly over the summer to prevent schoos that they will be proud to attend.  Back to school is an exciting time for our students, the staff and parents alike. Many opportunities lie ahead and we are eager to get started.  The PTA will give parents an opportunity to be engaged in their  children’s school life.  Research shows that in schools where parents are involved, students have a greater chance for success and is evidenced by higher test scores. More consistent attendance and an overall involvement in their school.  As parents  and guardians it is important we show our children that we value education through our active involvement in the schools.  Attend  a PTA and Board of education meeting or volunteef on a PTA committee, participate in all districts votes. Simply collecting Boxtops4education shows your child that you are interested in their education and in their school.  There are many ways in which you can be involved, such as volunteering your time at Book Fairs, Holiday parties, photo Day to our popular fundraising events such as the  PTA Dinner, our plant sale. 

As always the PTA would like to welcome the new teachers and staff to the district as well as our new Guidance coordinator, and our Principal, Ms. Felix and our AP Ms. Shragga.  We look forward to them sharing their talents and expertise with our district.

The PTA  continues to focus on improved communications with parents.  WE HOPE YOU WILL VISIT THE SITE OFTEN AT WWW.mhapta.ORG for updates.   On behalf of the PTA E executive Board and all the volunteer who give their time so feely and enthusiastically, I thank you for your support.  If an any time during the school year, you have any questions please  don’t hesitate to contact me at the school PTA email address or visit us at the school.

Again, welcome back and have a great year!


Linda G. Gavin