Virtual Enterprise Trade Show 2015

posted Apr 21, 2015, 2:08 PM by mohammed islam
MHA students visit the 2015 Virtual Enterprise Trade Show.


The Virtual Enterprises International Trade Show allows students from around the world who participate in the world-wide network of VEs to exhibit a wide range of products and tout their marketing campaigns.  Students have been mentored and supported by a who’s who of top U.S. corporations.  From the moment the trade bell rings, until the final nanosecond of the closing bell, some 150 businesses will be racing against time to log sales of highly desired goods and services to increase their bottom line and sustain their virtual employees’ lifestyles.

CEOs, Marketing Directors, and Sales Managers from VE companies around the world and across industries have spent months priming their sales force with positive thinking, planning their marketing strategies, building their displays, and devising innovative ways to outsmart and outsell the competition.

Students will be able to compete in various competitions related to the event: Best Booth, Best Sales Pitch, and Best Catalog.