Piano Club's Spring Recital 2019

On Friday, 5/31/19, Piano Club students performed songs such as “All of Me”, “Over the Rainbow” and “Prelude in C” at the Liederkranz Foundation on the Upper East Side. Thank you to the NYC Piano School for bringing expert piano instructors to MHA!

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Italy & Greece Trip 2019

In April 2018, 15 MHA students crossed the Atlantic to immerse themselves in the histories and cultures of Italy and Greece. Students flew into Rome where they explored the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican and other cultural landmarks. From there, they traversed the streets of Florence, learning the secrets of the leather trade and the history of the Duomo. Following a cruise across the Adriatic, the group finished by exploring the sites of Greece, including the Meteora Monasteries, ruins at Delphi, and the Acropolis in Athens.


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Ice Skating Trip - Bryant Park

The annual school-wide ice skating trip is a great way to kick off the holiday season at MHA, with students asking about it as soon as the temperature starts to drop. Students from all grades get the opportunity to skate in Bryant Park with friends and tour the winter village for treats like hot cocoa and other sweets. Students encourage other students to get on the ice and try skating, even if they’ve never been before. The trip never fails to put smiles on the students faces!

Spirit Week 2018

Spirit week is an opportunity for the school to display the interests of its community through a variety of differently themed days. Students can twin with another student to show off their friendship or display pride in their culture on international day. This year’s spirit week took place on Halloween, so we had tons of creative costumes! Students dressed up as mother nature, Frankenstein’s monster, and Ms. Dang also participated by dressing up as a penguin!

Barbie Bungee 2018

“Barbie Bungee” was the culminating activity for one of the topics in AP Statistics. During the topic they discussed concepts such as scatterplots and linear regression, which were used to make a prediction about the appropriate amount of rubber bands in Barbie’s bungee cord. After making their predictions based on known variables such as length of the rubber band and how far it would stretch, they calculated how many bands Barbie would need to stop short of hitting the floor after dropping from a known distance.

Intrepid Air and Space Museum Trip 2017

The science department regularly takes advantage of the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space museum due to its proximity to the school. During this visit, students examined density by measuring materials such as brass, copper, and lead. They also built boats out of aluminum foil to examine displacement!

Spain and France Trip 2014

Murray Hill Academy over the spring break in 2014 had their first international trip to Spain and France.  Students were able to explore the rich history in Spain and France. For many of the students this was their first international trip outside of the United Students.  Students explored Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona. MHA students had the chance to ride the European rail system when they travelled from France to Spain.